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Lean Six Sigma Services

Lean Six Sigma Services

Learn about our Lean Six Sigma Management Services

GLODARIS is an international consulting firm that specializes in working with companies to enable them to successfully design and implement Lean Manufacturing or the Toyota Production System (TPS).  We are experienced in engaging with clients at all organizational levels. Our broad Lean expertise and ability to adapt Lean concepts and methodologies to the needs of each specific business is what differentiates us from other organizations. Our consultants are experienced hands-on Senior Lean practitioners with extensive experience assessing and applying Lean in diverse business sectors: Healthcare, Finance, Education, Government/ Services, Food, Finance and Manufacturing.
We have a good approach for identifying and eliminating waste in operations through continuous improvement for doing everything more efficiently, reducing the cost of operating the system and fulfilling the customers desire for maximum value at the lowest price.
Lean is a systematic method for the elimination of wastes within a process. These include wastes created through unevenness in workloads, overburden and any work that does not add value. From the point of view of the customer who consumes a service or product, “value” is any process or action that a client would be willing to pay for. In essence, lean is focus on making obvious what appends value by decreasing everything else.

Advantages of Lean Manufacturing

  1. Inventory Reduction 50-90%
  2. Increased Productivity 65%
  3. Floor Space required to make the product reduced by 60%
  4. Reduction in Scrap and Rework by 90%
  5. Increase profit 50%
  6. Lead Time Reduction from order entry to delivery of product from weeks to days
  7. Reduce Changeover from hours to minutes
  8. Throughput rate 100%
  9. Build to Order vs. Build to Forecast

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✔ Lean Consulting Services

Our model for Lean Transformation is different than most other lean consulting firms. Our value add is in the coaching and training we provide to facilitate culture change while developing our clients' internal competencies. We are not interested in providing armies of consultants to lead improvements and thus make our clients fully dependent on us. Instead, we build our clients' capability by creating daily management and daily kaizen systems that will self-sustain. This approach fits in with principle 1 of the Toyota Way: "Base your management decisions on a long-term philosophy, even at the expense of short-term financial goals.” While our competitors may end up with more revenue from an engagement than we might in the short term, our clients are happier and gladly recommend us again and again.

  • Lean Transformation
  • Lean Six Sigma Transformation
  • Lean Assessment
  • Lean Coaching
  • Lean Facilitator
  • Lean Strategy Deployment
  • 5S Workshops
  • Lean Layout / One Piece Flow
  • Quick Changeover
  • Pull Systems / Kanban Implementation
  • Lean Product Development
  • Six Sigma and Statistical Analysis / Design of Experiments
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Lean Metrics / Visual Management

✔ Lean Transformation

Lean Transformation: Phase 1 (3– 6 months)
  • Strategy Deployment / Perform an Assessment / Train Executive Team
  • Identify vision, goals, True North metrics, Key value streams. Identify resources and develop detailed plan.
  • Identify, Train, and Coach a Core Team of internal change agents.
  • Develop internal group of individuals who will lead the change and become coaches, teachers, and facilitators.
  • Select and improve key pilot areas through kaizen activities and projects
  • Impact highly visible areas within the company, and build momentum
  • Perform Value Stream Mapping on key product/service lines
  • Identify needed kaizen activities and daily kaizen targets through VSM and a 4 – 6 month detailed plan.
  • Perform team kaizen activities and projects to execute VSM plans.
  • Create lean value streams. Develop internal problem solving capabilities for daily kaizen and daily management
  • Train Operations front‐line employees and supervisors with a “Lean 101” course
  • Begin to drive change where the work happens.

Lean Transformation: Phase 2    6-8 Months

  • Strategy Deployment / Perform an Assessment
  • Identify vision, goals, metrics, and key areas of opportunity within support functions and other value streams
  • Identify, Train, and Coach additional lean change agents.
  • Build a larger internal knowledge base of individuals who will become coaches, teachers, and facilitators.
  • Perform Cross‐ Functional VSM of key support functions
  • Identify needed kaizen activities and daily kaizen targets through VSM
  • Perform team kaizen activities and projects to execute VSM plans.
  • Create lean support value streams. Develop internal problem solving capabilities for daily kaizen and daily mgmt.
  • Perform Value Stream Mapping and kaizen activities on additional core value streams.
  • Identify and execute kaizen activities based on VSM.
  • Train Support Function employees and supervisors with a “Lean 101” course
  • Begin to drive change where the work happens for support / administrative functions.

✔ Lean Improvement Model

Strategy development
Annually, looks out 1 year
Value stream mapping
1-2 Times/year
Kaizen Events/Projects
4-12 times' per value stream
Daily Kizen
Continue Improvement, Daily
  • Strategy development creates the key goals/initiatives for the year
  • VSM sets the direction and detailed goals for kaizen activities
  • Kaizen Events , DMAIC projects, and Daily kaizen are the means by which the goals are met.

✔ Lean Assessment

A Lean Assessment is the first step to understanding where your organization currently stands, how it can benefit from lean transformation, and what major activities need to be done to transform your organization into a lean enterprise. GLODARIS consultants will spend time on-site with your organization interviewing key personnel, gathering data, and observing operations. Then, we will conduct an analysis and present a report to you.
  • Lean Assessment Scores in a range of key areas including visual management, safety, scheduling, material flow, inventory, lean culture and teamwork, equipment maintenance, flexibility and responsiveness, quality, and supply chain.
  • Detailed Financial Analysis and Impact
  • Resource Recommendations
  • Recommendations for Appropriate Lean Metrics
  • Customized Roadmap to Lean Transformation
  • A Basis from Which to Begin Strategy Deployment and Value Stream Mapping

✔ Lean Coaching

In order to sustain a lean culture, it is vital that all employees in the organization have a common language of problem solving. The Toyota Business Practices approach, known also as A3 Problem Solving, must become the problem solving mindset. This thought process must be used in any effort to improve from current condition to target condition, whether it is at a strategy level or tactical, front-line level. Our approach to coaching utilizes the Improvement Kata / Coaching Kata methodology

Lean Coaching Involves

  • One on One Coaching through the Entire Problem Solving / Improvement Process
  • Defining the Problem: Gap Between Current Condition and Target Condition
  • Identifying the Obstacles: What is Preventing Us from Reaching the Target Condition?
  • Step By Step Analysis and PDCA Experimentation to Narrow Down to the Critical Obstacles
  • Identifying and Testing Countermeasures to Achieve the Target Condition
  • Identifying the Next Steps in Following Up
  • Modeling Problem Solving Thinking and Daily Management for Managers

✔ Lean Strategy Deployment

Strategy Deployment, or, as it is known in Japanese, hoshinkanri, is the process by which an organization identifies the most important breakthrough goals and initiatives and then deploy them through an iterative process of cascading through the organization. This ensures that everyone is working on the right things that will achieve the company vision and goals.

Lean Strategy Deployment Involves

  • Assessing the Current Situation
  • Holding Strategy Sessions with Senior Management to Identify Areas of Focus and Key Goals and Initiatives
  • Coaching Senior Management Through the A3 Process by Which They Identify Obstacles and an Action Plan to Achieve the Goals
  • Facilitating Sessions with the Next Levels of Management to Identify Their Goals and Metrics in Accordance with the High Level Plans
  • Coaching the Managers through the A3 Process and the Development of Metrics for Their Areas of Responsibility
  • Developing Daily Management Systems with Metrics and Targets
  • Instituting Front-Line Problem Solving in Accordance with the Daily Management System

✔ Lean Facilitator (Kaizen Event)

Kaizen, which means "good change" in Japanese, is a philosophy of eliminating waste by making small changes for the better. Kaizen events are rapid improvement activities during which a team, led by a lean expert, analyzes and improves a process toward a particular goal using a problem solving process. Kaizen events are typically 3 to 5 days in length.

Kaizen Event Involve?

  • Preparation including area and team selection, gathering background information, and goal setting.
  • Training for the team in Particular Lean Basics Including Problem Solving, 7 Wastes, and other relevant methods and tools.
  • Analysis of Current State Including Observation and Collection of Facts, Data, and Metrics.
  • Brainstorming to Identify Critical Wastes and Obstacles
  • Brainstorming to Identify Countermeasures and Improvement Ideas.
  • Development of Future State Process and Standard Work
  • Testing and Implementing New Process
  • Report Out and Celebration
  • Follow Up / Additional Actions / Daily Management

✔ Lean Speaking Engagements

We are also available for speaking engagements.

Upcoming Lean Training & Certification Programs!!!

Lean training & certification programs build your confidence and launch you to the top most hierachy of any organization

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