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Data Collection and Analysis Service

Data Management Service

Learn about our Data Management Service

Our company is highly global rated in providing Data Management Services to the client. GLODARIS has dedicated and experienced professionals who will collect, analyses, maintain, Secure and manage all aspects of the data lifecycle very efficiently. Government Agencies, Small business or large multinational, the information you create and maintain is your most valuable assets. Further, with leading semantic analysis, such repositories can be enriched with metadata, leading to searches that are more intuitive and precise

We 'health check' all of our data,including full postal verification. Once these checks are complete, we then 'clean' the data or'data cleansing as we call it' to remove duplication, check against mailing preferences services, gone-aways, and bereavement files, to make sure your brand communication reaches the right people with minimal wastage.

Data security is paramount, and we work with the leading encryption software to ensure data transfer is fully secure between MOS and its clients. In addition, we work closely with clients to implement the access rights to our secure FTP server. With these storage and data management measures in place, we are able to ensure our clients can benefit from a cohesive, continuous data cycle that works towards the overall brand objectives without compromising data confidentiality. Other details:

  • Data collection, analysis and data system architecture
  • Information management system
  • Design Data Manager is the Engineering Data Management and reporting system
  • Database Systems developed in commercially available software systems such as Oracle, Sybase, Access, Power Builder, SQL
  • Development of muti-user Client/Server Record Management Systems
  • Conversion and Integration of Legacy Database Systems
  • Big Data
  • Data integration, involves combining data residing in different sources and providing users with a unified view of these data
  • Data management training for organisation

Data Collection Service

Learn about our Data Collection Service

GLODARIS TCHNOLOGY offers high-quality and inexpensive field and data services to both end clients and market research agencies in Nigeria and internationally. We are able to offer the full range of data capture methodologies. Our service offerings include multi mode Data Collection (both quantitative and qualitativetechniques), Survey ProgrammingData Processing & AnalyticsTranslation & Transcription

We are committed to providing quality services to all our clients. Our endeavour is to be accepted as a trusted and preferred partner by our clients. We at GLODARIS always strive to adopt consultative approach on the projects undertaken by us, implement new thoughts and fresh ideas enabling us deliver better results every time.

Since our inception we have been helping a large number of clients including International Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in data collections, analysis and report, we have also helped other clients in arriving at critical marketing decisions. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly to client needs in defining the markets, demand estimation, branding, pricing, new product development & entry strategies, marketing and distribution strategies.

Our clients come back to us for our total commitment to timeliness, high quality and innovative research & systems, integrity and flexibility of our overall collaborative approach.

How Data collection is carried out?

  • Primary Data Collection - Primary data collection means collecting data through field survey. It is the original data that is collected by researchers and this service helps companies extract data from the grass root level.
  • Secondary data Collection - Secondary data is extracted from existing data. It is a quicker and cheaper way of gathering information, the service itself helps companies extract useful data faster so as to be able to implement it sooner.

Methods of Data Collection

Qualitative Research - Qualitative research is a non-statistical research technique. In this technique, we collect data for our client by observing an individual or a small group of people.

The main aim of this particular service is to gain an understanding of human behaviour and the reason behind their behaviour. The set of questions asked in qualitative research varies depending upon the thoughts and feelings of the respondents.

Eventually, we offer a service which leads the business to an understanding of the reasons by the market trends they perceive and this is why it’s so important that you commission our services.

How qualitative research is carried out?

  • In-Depth Interviews: In these interviews, interviewer asks certain questions from respondents to gather information like what people think about a product or service. These interviews can be conducted face to face or on telephone. Also these interviews can be one to one, with two respondents (diads) or with three respondents (triads) depending on the requirement.
  • Focus Group Discussion: It is also a very effective way of data collection. It involves a group discussion with around 8-12 respondents and consists of 2 or 3 interviewees. The discussion goes on for around one or two hours and is recorded.
  • Direct Observation: In this technique, researchers observe the behavior of respondents in their natural environment to gather information.

Quantitative Research - It is statistical analysis in which every respondent is asked to answer the same series of questions. We set the questionnaire in such a way as to find out the view different consumers have on various products and services. It is a structured approach that is based on facts and figures. The most popular quantitative research technique is market research survey.

Online survey is a cost effective and quick way of doing survey. These surveys help researchers in gathering all the required information and drawing conclusions.

Thus, we at Impetus Research understand that data collection companies in India such as ours serve the purpose of helping any organization lay the foundation stone to their success in their respective industry. We offer quality services to guide our clients to the success they desire.

Data Collection for market research

One of the most important steps in market research process is data collection. Data collection helps in collecting information about customers, competitors and other market factors. This information helps companies in taking important decisions for improving their products and services.

The result derived by undertaking the offerings of one of the many reputed data collection companies in Nigeria such as our ownalso helps companies in planning a strategy to expand their business and launch their products and services in new markets.

Data collection involves collection of qualitative as well as quantitative data. With the help of internet, data can be collected from a broad range of consumers. It has now become much easier to study the needs, attitude and behaviour of customers across the globe. Impetus offers the finest in market research services to aid your requirements.

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