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GIS Training Program

Geographical Information System (GIS) Training Program

About Course

GLODARIS has been mandated to train and recruits GIS and Information Management Officers to support International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) Multi-sectoral working group under UN in the North-East Nigeria. According to Multi-sectoral working group (UN), reported shortage of GIS professional in Nigeria. Therefore, whether you are a student considering your first career or someone already in the workplace who is considering a new career, choosing GIS can be rewarding in many ways. The growth potential in this sector has remained high, As the use of GIS and other geospatial technologies expands, it offers opportunities for people with different work experiences and educational backgrounds. According to the Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA), because geospatial technology use is so widespread, "the geospatial market is growing at an annual rate of almost 35 percent."

Job Support

GLODARIS will commence our dedicated support for your job application upon completion of the 2 weeks Hands-on Projects on GIS and Information Management. GLODARIS will recruit and send 10 GIS/MIS officers for the first phase in the month of September/October 2020.

Expected Salary Upon Placement: N250,000 – N450,000

About Glodaris

GLODARIS has provided over 120,000 hours of training and coaching in GIS and Information Management Information System concepts, tools and practices to over 8,000 professionals. We provide training to suit all learning styles and preferences – online, instructor-led at your facility for groups or participants and public instructor-led courses.

What skills you will learn

This training is intended for technicians and engineers: computer scientist, Land Administrators, geographer, urban planner, demographer, topographer, surveyor, public works, highways, environment, forest management, agriculture, fishing, conservation, public health. This 2 weeks ArcGIS training course is aimed at those who are: New to the ArcGIS Desktop software (or to GIS), or those at a novice level or middle level Through a combination of tutor led teaching and hands-on exercises it aims to give users confidence to use the power of GIS and ArcGIS to display, manipulate and analyse information geographically, with the result that they are able to make more informed decisions.

  1. The Introduction to ArcGIS - Part 1:- course covers basic data manipulation and presentation - it will show you how to use and create Map Documents and Layers in ArcMap, and how to make best use of the Catalog. You will also learn different ways of interacting with features on the map, how to define and save symbols for features, and how to present data in a layout.
  2. The Introduction to ArcGIS Part 2:- course covers basic data analysis, editing and importing - it will show you how to write a query to select specific features; how to bring in data from an external source such as Excel; how to set up an attribute join to visualise such data on the map; how to create shapefiles and geodatabases; how to edit existing map features and create new ones using the edit toolbar.
  3. ArcGIS Advanced Part 1: leans more towards topics concerning data analysis and presentation. The course explains the benefits of the Geodatabase format, explores the more advanced functions relating to everyday operations such as Labelling, Symbology Editing and Layouts, and introduces the software's Reporting function. Deliver cost-effective technology to reduce enterprise-wide risk.
  4. ArcGIS Advanced Part 2 leans more towards topics concerning data editing and data processing. The course explains the more advanced data capture functions & keyboard shortcuts, and shows how to use the Field Calculator for smart attribute editing. It will also demonstrate the use of the ArcToolbox menus for geoprocessing, and introduce the concept of Modelbuilder for the automation of repetitive workflows. It will also show how to do sampling and creation of geodatabase files and MAPS.ME
  • Air-conditioned training room
  • Experienced trainer with sense of humour
  • Provision of Relevant data with worked examples
  • Hands-on interactive approach
  • Lunch and refreshments provided
  • Comprehensive training course manual
  • Certificate on course completion
  • 30 days (email-based) GIS Lifebelt technical support

Introduction to ArcGIS - Part 1 Training Courses

  • ArcGIS Training - Intro Part 1
  • Introduction to ArcGIS
  • Getting Your Bearings
  • Interacting with the Map
  • Working with Map Layers
  • Map Presentation
  • Using External Data sources
  • Selections and Queries
  • Editing Features and Attributes
  • Working with Tables
  • <
  • Geodatabases
  • Advanced Labelling
  • Data Output/Storage
  • Advanced Symbology
  • Graphs and Reports
  • Working with Rasters
  • ArcToolbox and Geoprocessing
  • GIS mapping of most at risk populations (MARPS)
  • GIS Mapping of health facilities and health resources
  • IDP Camp Mapping
  • GIS mapping of priority public health problems (HIV and AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis)
  • Facility camp Mapping
  • ArcGIS with Python Scripting
  • Management Information System (MIS)

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